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Top 5 Halloween themed sound packs

Creep out your neighbourhood with the spookiest sample packs available on

In celebration of the upcoming ghostly season, NI sat down and compiled a list of the best Halloween themed sample packs available on Check out this composition of spine-chilling noises to soundtrack the perfect digital nightmare, or simply use them as sound effects to spook out trick-or-treaters.


Monstrous nostalgia

Providing a total of 138 sounds, Monstracity Kit Vol. 3 covers all bases to help you create the soundtrack for your next ghostland excursion. Kicks, snares, melody loops, and even a special folder called ‘Nostalgia’ Loops will let your unearthly creative juices flow.

Check out Monstarcity Kit Vol. 3 here.

Signals from the beyond

Delivering a full set of “vocal bits, DJ drops, and sound effects for Halloween and the supernatural beyond”, Digital Nightmares provides a big stack of Halloween themed sounds.

Ranging from elements such as eerie children’s voices to screams and insane monologues this sample pack builds up a real Halloween sound haven for the fearless.

Check out Digital NIghtmares here.

John carpenter goes bass

This explicit Halloween-beats dedicated sound pack contains seven – in key – construction kits plus additional MIDI files and individual drum hits, musically covering all things related to scary bass adventures.

Check out Halloweener Theme Sounds here.

Vintage ghost town

Probably the biggest and most extensive sound pack in this list is Sounds of Halloween from Carma Studio. With more than 1500 sounds it basically covers all the ends and edges of the horror sound effects spectrum. From demons and door knocks to evil laughs and ghost whispers, this is the ultimate Halloween sound effect source.

Check out Sounds of Halloween here.

Upside down clubbing

Combining deep techno and house with haunting atmospheres, Dark Halloween is aiming at the club-oriented scarecrows. Including “Sparse basslines, melodic synths, rich FX and minimal drums & percussion”, this sound pack provides enough material to celebrate your next haunted house afterparty.

Check out Dark Halloween here.

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