We’ve rounded up a collection of some of our favorite Boiler Room sessions featuring TRAKTOR DJs.


Kaytranada | Montreal

With over 6 million views and counting, it’s easy to see why this Boiler Room show by the Montreal producer is so popular: It has the perfect combination of irresistible music, infectious good-time vibes, and a wildly appreciative hometown audience that’s almost as entertaining as his set. The TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 is at the center of his performance.


Sarah Farina | Berlin

Demonstrating why she’s become such prominent name in the scene, an integral member of Berlin’s Through My Speakers collective, Sarah Farina rolls out a flawless selection of colorful bass music – the sun setting over the Berlin skyline provides the perfect backdrop. Sarah utilizes the KONTROL S4, KONTROL X1, and an Audio 6.


SBTRKT | London

Masked producer Aaron Jerome, a.k.a.  SBTRKT, shot to fame in 2011 with his breakout self-titled album. Known for his stripped-back fusion of bass experimentation and R&B, his London Boiler Room set brings energy and class by the bucket load. Featuring a KONTROL S4 and a pair of KONTROL F1s.


Modeselektor | Berlin

Sitting at home, desperately wishing you were there and regretting your decision to stay in for the night – it’s a common experience when watching Boiler Room. But Modeselektor’s immense party in a huge, packed-out Berlin venue takes this feeling to almost absurd levels. Featuring a KONTROL S4 and, among other things, a giant confetti cannon.


François K | London

As legendary in the DJ booth as he is in the studio, few names are more influential than François K. And his London Boiler Room set doesn’t disappoint – he segues between genres at near-dizzying speed; from techno to house, disco and beyond – all with the deft hand that comes only from decades of experience. His setup combines a KONTROL S4, a pair of KONTORL D2s, and a KONTROL F1 running STEMS.


Ill-esha | Denver

The Canadian producer and DJ is known for her unique sets that combine DJing with vocals and live performance – and the result is undeniably exhilarating. Making her Boiler Room debut in Denver, she mixes it up with a KONTROL X1, an iPad linked with TRAKTOR PRO and a keytar.


Carl Cox | Ibiza

With a staggering 31 million views and counting, Carl Cox’s set is the most-viewed Boiler Room video in history – forever inscribing it to Boiler Room folklore. A sun-soaked Ibiza villa is the setting for the veteran DJ’s fabled set. His setup combines a pair of KONTROL X1s with CDJs.

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