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Why upgrade to Valves Pro? Here’s what’s new

why upgrade to valves pro

Valves Pro is the ultimate contemporary brass library for scoring and production that delivers warm, mellow tones and phrases with enhanced functionality, features, and articulations. Whether you’re a professional media composer or a music producer looking for organic horns to add to your music, take a look at what’s new in Valves Pro to add a truly authentic brass sound to your productions.

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Why upgrade to Valves Pro? Check out these new additions and features:

  • NEW Brass textures from Flugelhorn, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, and Tuba
  • NEW Updated Player as well as two new patches (NKIs) offering different workflows
    • Player: more than twice as many articulations and presets than VALVES, with the ability to create your own
    • Solo: Create your own melodies from a single instrument with the new Virtuoso mode
    • Ensemble: Assign multiple articulations across five instruments and switch between articulation sets
  • NEW performance options including condenser and ribbon microphones bring new flavors to your music

Authentic, warm brass textures to elevate your compositions

Instantly create interweaving, evolving brass phrases—all professionally performed, expertly arranged, and recorded together for a truly authentic sound. Valves Pro features a uniquely modern ensemble of brass instruments, carefully curated for soft, rich textures.

The horns in Valves Pro include flugelhorn, French Horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba. These instruments were recorded in isolation booths but performed together as one ensemble via a conductor using a video feed to create a true orchestral experience.

Valves Pro includes flugelhorn, French Horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba
Valves Pro includes flugelhorn, French Horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba

Instantly create interweaving, evolving brass phrases

The updated Player in Valves Pro is an innovative patch that brings professionally composed phrases out of the box and allows you to build your own phrases by placing the 62 articulations available including long, short, dynamic, motives, expressive and even noise articulations on a tempo-synced grid across the five instruments in the ensemble.

Including more than 200 presets, the new Valves Pro offers you more creative inspiration than ever before.

  • Valves Pro Player

Effortlessly craft your own melodies with the Solo instrument

The Solo patch offers each of the instruments in the Player for you to use individually for writing melodies or layering up the parts of the ensemble one at a time using individual instances of KONTAKT assigning the 62 articulations however you like.

Solo is perfect for more detailed, specific compositions that need access to the parts of individual instruments without restrictions.

Valves Solo patch
Valves Solo patch

The Solo patch also includes Virtuoso mode, a mode that adapts articulations automatically depending on velocity and expression settings for added playability.

Add variations to an entire ensemble of players with Ensemble

Detach the entire composition process from the synchronized grid of the Player with the new Ensemble patch. Ensemble allows you to assign articulations as well as switch between articulation sets across five instruments with ease using the traditional keyswitch workflow.

Valves Pro Keyswitch Mixer
Valves Pro Keyswitch Mixer

Ensemble opens extensive variation and customization possibilities when it comes to composing ensemble parts—all in one pass, with one instance of Kontakt.

Choose between two different performances for a unique sound

Valves Pro offers two different flavors of performances in the Player, Solo, and Ensemble patches: condenser microphone and ribbon microphone.

The condenser microphones used in the recording process included a very clean signal path and the highest quality converters, which create a detailed, brighter, and breathier sound in the horns.

The ribbon microphones used in the recording process include added tape saturation that brings a focused, mellow, and warm sound to the horns.

Since these horns were recorded in isolation booths but performed (and recorded) together as one ensemble with a conductor using a video feed and in-ear monitoring, these two styles of performances provide flexibility and distinct sonic flavors in the mixing process.

Additional improvements and features

  • True Range: Stay true to the real instrument range or turn this option off to get automatic transposition of notes that are out of range on the real instrument.
  • Mixer and FX page: Process sounds within the instrument to speed up your workflow and allow you to dial in your own unique sound
  • Smart Voicing (Ensemble & Player instruments): Get a realistic sounding horn section without needing to worry about instrument ranges and individual parts when playing MIDI chords.

Use Valves Pro to bring organic, authentic horns to your compositions

Valves Pro provides intimate, warm, thick, mellow, and evolving brass textures to your compositions with more than 200 presets, 62 articulations, and different workflows depending on your goal as a composer. Start using Valves Pro today!

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