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Watch: Hip hop beat making with Figub Brazlevic

The German hip hop producer takes us behind the studio process in making his 'dope drum sound'.

The German rap scene is huge. In fact, it’s the second biggest in the world next to the US. At the heart of the German scene is DJ, producer, and beatmaker Figub Brazlevic. Having produced for the likes of German oldschool legend MC Rene, SSIO, and London’s Teknical Development — in addition to appearing at Bars, the Berlin edition of Native Sessions — Native Instruments went behind the scenes of Brazlevic’s production process, and checked our how he makes his trademark “dope drum sound”.

Not being one for short-lived trends Figub Brazlevic, a.k.a. Berlin based Mario Radzom, established his own trademark sound heavily inspired by 90s boom-bap, mixed with a modern low-end bump. With countless collaborations and releases with MCs and singers alike, he has become one of the city’s go-to producers in the scene. More recently, Figub Brazlevic teamed up with Teknical Development from London to produce the Strictly 4 All LP, with a release date set for August ’18. Besides his daily studio workouts, the producer set up his own label Kreʞрek Records in 2010, along with a concert and live-event series entitled East-West-Sessions.

Brazlevic sees the part of mixing and EQing as being equally creative, describing his work as being more of a sound designer, than just a producer. Breaking down his workflow process, while writing what ended up as the title track for his new LP, Figub Brazlevic shows he uses DRUM LAB in combination with MASCHINE, to add rhythmic nuances to his drum sounds. He also shows how KOMPLETEMASSIVE, and GUITAR RIG can be powerful sources of inspiration.

Strictly 4 All  is available for pre-order here.

Video by: Sense Media
Photos by: Camille Blake

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