by Tim Cant

Watch: How to make lo-fi house

Saturated drums and warm synth pads - learn how to create lo-fi house using the latest REAKTOR synth SUPER 8

Although not relatively a new thing, the current popularity of lo-fi house within contemporary circles is undeniable. Replete with a retro aesthetic, distortion, and saturation, the sound has been popularized by many newer artists within the house scene, including DJ Seinfeld, and Ross from Friends.


With the release of the new retro-style polysynth SUPER 8, product expert Tim Cant runs through the instrument’s basic features and shows you how — in combination with RC 48 and REPLIKA XT — you can create your own lo-fi house track. During the tutorial, Tim also shows you how to properly EQ your track, while also adding effects from the ever-popular VHS Audio Degredation Suite from the Reaktor User Library.


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