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Watch: How to modulate your sound
with Matt Wallace

Multi-platinum selling producer Matt Wallace (R.E.M, Faith No More, Deftones) invited us
to his beautiful L.A. studio and took us through our MOD PACK plug-in.

Producer Matt Wallace has come a long way. As far back as eight years old, the young Matt was already building his first studio in his parents’ garage. To look around Studio Delux, his L.A. home nowadays, is to experience some serious producer envy. There’s a whole lot of gear porn going on here.

Like Apple, Amazon, Disney and Google, Matt’s early garage days blossomed. He produced recordings for local musicians, including a few who would go on to form Faith No More. Matt produced some of Faith No More’s most iconic recordings, including Angel Dust which – a decade later – Kerrang! named the #1 most influential album of all time. In 2015, some 23 years later, he teamed up with the band once more to work on their newest album, Sol Invictus. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hard Rock Album chart.

As you might expect, Matt Wallace knows a thing or two about classic record production, so in celebration of our 50% off sale, who better to fire up MOD PACK and walk us through its features?

MOD PACK breaks down into three VSTs that have long been at the heart of every studio: Chorus, Flanger and Phaser. We’ve engineered these plug-ins to incorporate some completely new features while retaining that warm, vintage sound.

Chorus offers up four diverse modes that capture the soul of beloved analogue pedals of the past, and throws in a unique Scatter Mode to shake things up. Flanger offers a vast range of sonic possibilities, from the slow drift of a boutique stompbox, to complete digital modelling of 24 harmonic intervals. Phaser is a 21st-century update to an old favourite, offering you unparalleled modulation speeds whilst retaining that much-loved notchy warmth.

“I always wanted gear that could be taken too far, to the point that you could actually ruin a track. I felt like if you had that kind of equipment, and that kind of capability, it really opens up your world to doing things that are creative.”

MOD PACK gives you the power and flexibility to compliment your creativity with timeless, classic effects. Check out Matt’s walk-through in the video, and don’t forget that both MOD PACK and CRUSH PACK are half price from now until November 4th. Grab them while you can, get creative.

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