by Native Instruments

Watch: Making house music
with Joyce Muniz

Joyce Muniz creates a bumping house track with the Timeless Glow Expansion,
with production partner and vocalist Demetr1us.

House music producer, DJ and vocalist Joyce Muniz produces a track from scratch using only sounds from the Expansion pack, Timeless Glow. Watch as she sets up her sounds, creates structures, and incorporates the vocals of production partner Demetr1us into her music.

By combining influences from her home country Brazil with contemporary house beats, the Vienna-based DJ and producer has established herself as one of the leading artist in the European electronic music scene with releases on 2020 Vision, Get Physical and Exploited.

Filmed at the Native Instruments office in Berlin, Joyce Muniz uses the house and techno expansion Timeless Glow, and MASCHINE to create an acid, bass-driven, house beat, that she uses for a performance with vocalist, and studio co-producer Demetr1us. By creating a synth bassline, with a snare groove along with shaker and conga percussion sounds, Muniz goes on to add dreamy synth pad and more syncopated percussions to complete her track. Throughout the studio guide, Joyce Muniz goes on to show how she creates character, performs live, and add effects.

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photos by Yvonne Hartmann

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