Celebrating the release of the new MASCHINE MIKRO, Native Instruments is profiling the latest beatmakers, and MASCHINE-maestros on the web.


Sample-based beat making

Accurate Beats lays down one of his smooth signature hip-hop beats while explaining every step in the beat making process of using MASCHINE MIKRO. Starting off with a jazzy-piano sample, he explains the possible slicing options and moves on to add a drum groove with a boom-bap pattern. Rounding up the beat, Accurate Beats then adds a bassline and some sleek scratches for good measure.

Off-grid finger drumming

Shakazula shares a moment of some Dilla’esque finger drumming with low slung grooves, and high-pitched vocal samples. Confidently keeping up the wonky groove he incorporates additional string sounds and a few filter effects.

80s synth-driven beat science

Gnarly.music performs a live, 80s synth-pad-based beat. After eight-bars, she switches up the beat by doubling the speed of the hi-hats, lifting the production from a boom-bap instrumental to a modern trap beat.

Electronic loft music

Taetro quickly showcases an electro-laden production on the new MIKRO. Starting off with white noise-based percussions and a dreamy bell sound, he goes on to add a punchy drum groove and a stabby bassline before rounding it off with gated synth chords.

Persian live trap

Beatmaker Daniel ASADI gives an impressive demonstration of his finger drumming abilities. Combining classic beat-making with oriental sounds and melodies, this beat instantly turns into a full grown earworm.