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Best vintage synth sample packs

Native Instruments compiled the coolest retro-futuristic
sound packs available on

The warm and rich sound of synthesizers were once considered the sound of the future. Analogue synth flagships of the early 80s like the Oberheim OB-8 or Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, have left a warm and cosy mark in our sonic memory. These retro futuristic, vintage sounds are part of almost every contemporary music production, a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Native Instruments compiled a list of top highly usable and ready to go vintage synth sample packs that cover a wide variety of musical styles.


Jan Hammer’s legacy

Honouring the golden era of early 80s analogue synths this sample pack by Rightsify delivers all the stuff you need to step up your vintage Jan Hammer and Giorgio Moroder game, without spending a fortune on buying all these synths yourself. Including 170 synth shots and loops within the range of 80 to 140 bpm, this dedicated sample pack covers all bases on your synth needs.

Check out 80’s Synths by Rightsify here.

Astral travelling

If you are into ambient or any other types of atmospheric sound compositions, this instalment of Ambient Cosmic Pads might just be the thing you need. With 77 sounds in total, this sample pack offers a selection of warm and inspirational synth pads developed by Rafal Kulik using an array of various synthesizers. All sounds are high-quality studio samples, and should you run out of pad sounds there are still seven previous instalments to check out.

Check out Ambient Cosmic Pads Vol. 8 by Rightsify here.

Neon sundowns and 80s cinematics

The Synthwave: Bass, Leads & Pads sample pack is the perfect source for your cinematic retro soundtrack. Put on your pumps and hop on your hoverboard. Lush and warm synth pad sounds mixed with dreamy melody lines and basslines, that all sound like they were ripped direct from cassette.

The sample pack includes bass, lead, and pad tones of shimmering neon synthwave sounds making up a total of 32 samples.

Check out Synthwave: Bass, Leads & Pads by Glitchedtones here.

The images featured are from Panalama

Spaced out electronics

Sweatson Klank might be better known for his forward-thinking productions under his production moniker TAKE, releasing music on renowned labels such as Brainfeeder, Warp or Ghostly International, to just name a few. Thomas Wilson, a.k.a. Sweatson Klank draws from many years of musical expertise and obviously is the perfect candidate to provide a sample pack that is yet forward-thinking and modern but still has that vintage feel.

Purple Hills LITE VERSION offers a well-curated total of 48 sounds, not just limited to synth sounds, but also equipped with drums and basslines having that analogue warmth at heart.

Check out Purple Hills LITE VERSION by Sweatson Klank here.

Luminous retro glitter

The first volume of Native Instruments’ Neon Drive expansion delivers exactly what it promises, luminous synth-pop sounds that would easily find a home in a multitude of genres.

Apart from synth melodies and chords, the sound pack offers an all in one package covering all your production needs with additional drums, guitars and keyboard sounds. Make sure to also check out the other volumes of the Neon Drive series.

Check out Neon Drive 1 Future Retro 01 by Native Instruments here.

Studio images were made possible thanks to Panalama

photo credits: Søren M. Osgood

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