by Ali Wong

Check out the best videos from our community this September

This month, we’ve got Expansion deep-dives, the inside line on DAMAGE 2, and more.

As summer comes to a gentle close – here in the northern hemisphere at least – don’t despair: This season has been truly massive for releases, so there are plenty of new sounds to explore over the upcoming months as life moves indoors! Check out some of our latest instruments in these highlight videos from the Creator Community, including Heavyocity’s DAMAGE 2, Sasha’s Artist Expansion and BUTCH VIG DRUMS.

DDS goes sound by sound through the Sasha Artist Expansion

In the studio and DJ booth, Sasha has built his progressive house legacy over the past 30 years. Our latest Artist EXPANSION gives producers an unprecedented chance to learn from his process. For the first time, the artist’s full projects are available to analyze. Watch as DDS gives a deep dive into this new EXPANSION, letting the sound speak for itself.

Knock Squared sings over a quick jam on MASCHINE

Check out Knock Squared having a blast as he lays down some auto-tuned vocals over a fruity beat. A great little video to get some quick inspiration for either your dance moves or your productions!

Robert Dudzic tells the story behind DAMAGE 2

Did you know Robert Dudzic was involved in the making of Heavyocity’s original DAMAGE and the new DAMAGE 2? In this video, the sound designer gives the backstory, plus a look at the field recording process that resulted in a balance between powerful and unique but usable sounds. Stay until the end for some tips on how up and coming sound designers might break into the industry.

Blake Heart takes us through Sasha’s Expansion

Blake Heart gives us her own take on Sasha’s Artist Expansion, showcasing all the flexibility it offers, from modular synth samples to alien FX. There’s so much to inspire here – consider taking Sasha’s MIDI patterns and adding your own hits to really make this pack your own.

Jef Gibbons rocks out to Butch Vig’s Drum

Check out this diverse range of rock style kits with Jef Gibbons as he dusts off his guitar and bass to jam out some intro music for us. Some of the most valuable parts of the kit, after the sounds themselves, are the rock drum patterns and fills that Butch has provided, which are, as Jeff shows, easy to trigger and mix and match.

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