Dive headfirst into MASSIVE X by picking apart some of its presets. Uncover how the sounds were made and get inspiration to create your own, by watching the videos below.


In this first video, we take a look at Kesselbeat, a rhythmic, noise-based preset that makes heavy use of a single Performer to add movement to multiple parameters.


Now, we look at Obstacles, which builds on the Performer-based modulation we looked at in the last video, and looks at using the voicing section, as well as the Utility insert effect.

Bottom Bump

Get to know Bottom Bump, a bass-heavy sub shaker with loads of potential for variation using the macros. Take a closer look at the Switcher LFOs, how they work, and how they can themselves be modulated for huge-sounding results.

Cloud Breaker

In the final video, we take a look at “Cloud Breaker,” a unique, evolving patch that makes creative use of the routing section, and uses the Noise Module as its main sound source.