ROUNDS is a very sophisticated instrument, in fact, it has 16 individual, fully-programmable synthesizers within it. Adding another layer of complexity to this instrument is the way ROUNDS can playback those 16 individual synthesizers via the voice programmer.

The voice programmer is used to place sounds onto the sound cells of the eight sound blocks. Four sound cells spread across eight sound blocks gives you 32 different options of triggering those 16 different synthesizers. The beauty of this is that each press of a key on your keyboard can be a completely unique sound.

In order to harness this complexity, it is necessary for you to understand the voice programmer in depth so you can manipulate it for your production and sound design needs.

In this video, we examine the preset called Dawn of Rounds, a beautiful arpeggiating soundscape that expertly utilizes all of the features of the voice programmer. By dissecting this preset, you should come to understand the unique relationship that the different sections of the voice programmer have with one another, and how each section is capable of influencing the next in different ways.