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Output’s KONTAKT engines are currently 50% off.
Here’s how they sound right out of the box.

Output is known, among many other things, for having some of the best presets in the business. Even the most discerning of knob-tweakers would be hard pressed to justify changing some of the default sounds built into the company’s now-legendary KONTAKT instruments – though it must be said, there’s plenty of scope for sonic manipulation should you be so inclined.

And who better to prove this point than the Output team themselves? Here, they’ve compiled their favourite presets from six different engines and put them through their paces using a single MIDI clip – an audition process we’re sure many producers will be intimately familiar with.

If you like what you hear, head on over to our NKS store and grab yourself up to 70% off these very instruments, along with a selection of 10 Output Expansions. But be quick – this deal ends March 9.

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This three-layered bass engine combines a wide range of sound sources with a smart, intuitive approach to low-end sound design.


Give your listeners something to latch onto by imbuing your pads, leads, and effects with an infinitely tweakable rhythmic pulse.


Instantly cop the sound of polished pop productions with one of the most revered plug-ins of recent years. With Exhale, Output’s engineers have combined real vocal performances with vintage gear to create a range of highly playable, radio-ready sounds.

Analog Strings

Meticulously-recorded orchestras and soloists meet vintage analog synths to create a surprising range of unconventional textures, soaring leads, and powerful basses.

Analog Brass & Winds

A similar concept to Analog Strings, with equally useful and unique results – this time the human touch comes from big orchestral brass and wistful winds.


One simple thing connects all the sound sources used in Rev – they’re played backwards. This one’s perfect for adding unorthodox ambience and ear candy to any modern genre.

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