by Noah Pred

How to: get the ultimate reverb with
RC 24 & RC 48

Get to grips with these reverb classics and create space in your tracks now.

Learn how to master the art of reverb with the latest tutorial by producer and sound designer Noah Pred. Get to grips with reverb classics RC 24 and RC 48 to create real-time spectral display in order to build your own lush, spacious reverb.

RC 24 and RC 48 provide everything from subtle percussive enhancement to luxurious atmospherics. In this walk through, you will learn how to use their their unique slider control system and real-time spectral display to build your reverb ambience and classic ’80s drum effects. These REVERB CLASSICS faithfully recreate the renowned reverbs that helped shaped the sound of modern music, and have been used on countless game, TV, and film soundtracks and platinum hit records.

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