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In these videos David Clarke will teach you how to get started with MASCHINE. Unpack, plug in, install, power up, and make your first beat.

Unpacking, and getting familiar with MASCHINE.

Plugging in, and performing, and getting your first beat.

Learn all about the different pad modes in MASCHINE



Now everything is set up, it’s time to make your first beat inside MASCHINE. DDS breaks down the the basics of working with the MASCHINE software, in these tutorials. From loading in sounds and saving your own drum kits, to making hi-hat rolls, using Scales and Chords modes, and humanizing your patterns.

Learn how to load sounds from MASCHINE Expansions, and make custom drum kits.

Learn to use the Scales and Chord modes on MASCHINE.




After you’ve got your beat, and laid down some melodies it’s time to add some ingenuitive, yet straightforward effects that it will allow you to customize your sound. In these videos DDS highlights the importance of Note Repeat, shows you how to use the Humanize function, while laying down the basics for you to start sampling.

Using Note Repeat helps you to get those nice hi-hat rolls.

Learn how to use Humanize to add life to your patterns.

DDS shows how to sample from the iPhone into MASCHINE – a technique that works with every device with a headphone-out.