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Top 5 drum libraries from The Loop Loft

Five of the best packs from our friends at The Loop Loft

Looking for the perfect beat? Native Instruments sat down and compiled this top five groove packs available from The Loop Loft. In popular music as well as underground music culture drums are an integral part of music production. Drums cover a wide scope of frequencies within a song, ranging from the low-end with kick drums and sub bass, mid-range with toms and snare drums, and high frequencies with hi-hats, crashes, rides, shakers, and more. So with a bandwidth that dominant and present it’s crucial to have the sound exactly the way you want it.

Although the drum itself is not necessarily a harmonic instrument, it still plays a major role in transporting the emotion of a song rhythmically. The groove makes it accessible for listeners, it immediately puts the music into context, and might even make people dance. This is exactly where the following five drum sample packs come into play.


Daru Jones Vol. 1

Daru Jones is as diverse and technically on point as a musician can be. Playing in band formations for the likes of Jack White to hip hop live outfits such as Pete Rock, Slum Village, Nas, and Talib Kweli, to just name a few, Jones is capable of playing everything, and most importantly does that with style and expertise.

All breaks, loops, and one-shots were recorded at the historic Layman Drug Studios in Nashville with tempos ranging from 74 to 139 BPM. And yes, there’s a reinterpretation of Clyde Stubblefield’s legendary Funky Drummer break as well.

Check Daru Jones Vol 1 here.

World Percussion Loops

Sometimes having drums just isn’t enough or simply not fitting the purpose, that’s where World Percussion Loops get involved. “From West African udu drums and shakers, to North Indian frame drums, to Afro-Peruvian cajóns, the World Percussion pack provides an eclectic library of highly authentic sounding loops and grooves. This collection is a must-have for anyone looking to expand their loop collection beyond the usual “ethnic” loops supplied in most DAWs.”

World Percussion Loops includes 107 sounds and ranges from 98 to 140BPM split into different percussive instruments and styles.

Check out World Percussion Loops here.

Four on the floor vol. 1

Four on the floor is the term used for grooves that have a kick-drum on every beat of a bar. It is probably one of the most effective, accessible, and hypnotic ones as well. The “steady kick drum pulse that has acted as the “rhythmic glue” in popular music for the last 100 years” is still a good weapon of choice. Most forms of popular dance music still heavily rely on it, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, especially when it sounds as crisp and phat like the Four On The Floor drum kits provided by Loop Loft.

Check out Four On The Floor Vol 1 here.

Dry Drum Vol. 4

Dry Drums Vol. 4 offers a wide variety of crispy and punchy drums without any additional effect processing. The sounds range from natural to electronic and sampled tones. “In addition, the download contains six complete sampled kits from the original recording sessions, putting some serious kicks, snares, toms and cymbals directly at your fingertips.”

Check out Dry Drums Vol. 4 here.

Hip Hop Drums Vol. 1

Hip Hop Drums Vol. 1 is “an entire collection of loops dedicated to hip hop production” taking you back to the days when hip hop was actually all about live drumming. This drum library makes it real simple to find the perfect drum break. Just make sure to flip it the right way.

“Each session of grooves comes with a multitude of beat variations (different kick, snare, hi hat and ride patterns) as well as numerous fills for seamless transitions and breakdowns. We also individually sampled every single drum, cymbal and percussion instrument, so you can easily program your own beats using the exact same drum sounds from the sessions. Just load them into your favorite MPC or sampler and go!”

Check out Hip Hop Drums Vol. 1 here.

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