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Learn MASSIVE X: Filter tips

Get to grips with MASSIVE X’s versatile filter section and learn a few new tricks.

Take a peek under-the-hood of MASSIVE X’s powerful new features, and look at how the filter section can be harnessed to create new, vivid sounds.

Taking advantage of MASSIVE X’s modular structure, the exceptional FX section and, multifaceted filter selection lets you create individual sounding filter creations in no time. Watch our selection of the best online videos to help you master filters, and create game-changing sounds for your next production.

Filter basics

Go granular with SadowickProductions’ 52-minute, in-depth review and explanation of MASSIVE X’s vast filtering possibilities. From basic functions to complex routings and filtered sound manipulations, learn more with this tutorial dedicated to MASSIVE X’s filter section.

Making bass and grime

Watch and learn how to make a grimey and bass-heavy beat that heavily uses the filter section and numerous filter-modulation routings showing that MASSIVE X is more than a simple wobble machine! Find out more in this comprehensive video guide from STRANJAH.

Filters, Routing matrix & more

Watch this detailed tutorial focussing on MASSIVE X’s filter section, that, combined with the FX-section, has a lot more up its sleeve than you might expect. Also covered in this video by Soundflow Music Academy are explanations of the noise section, routing matrix, and effects.

Funk & filters

Learn how to use MASSIVE X for funk beats. The flagship synth’s overall warm sound and powerful filters can create some deep and vintage sounding bass lines and p-funk-like leads. Low Heat Beats shows you how here:

Filtered trance lead

Learn how to create ecstatic trance lead sounds with MASSIVE X. Heavily relying on the filter section and filter modulations, SamiRabia shows how to step-by-step program a peak time trance lead with accompanying chords for harmonic backup.

After adding an additional 100 presets to MASSIVE X‘s Factory Library already, there will be more updates coming with MASSIVE X 1.1 in the first half of October.


  • Animations for Envelopes
  • Dark & light mode
  • Several bug fixes


Stay up-to-date with MASSIVE X‘s continuous updates and developments here

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