New York’s nocturnal heritage outstrips that of almost any other city – although it has fought hard, and against the odds, to keep it. 1994 saw the beginning of Rudy Giuliani’s mayorship, which oversaw the resurrection of prohibition-era cabaret laws that banned dancing in clubs, and threatened to financially cripple establishments that broke the rules. 2017 saw the law repealed, and while it might not mean much in practice, it’s a kind of barometer for the health of the city’s nightlife, which has seen a boom in recent years.

Eli Escobar, who over the last two decades has grown to be a heavyweight of the scene (and more recently across the world), cut his teeth during the last few glory days of the 90s, and rode out the tricky 2000s with a honed ambition to make things work no matter what. Both as a DJ and producer, his sound is a potent distillation of New York’s music over the last 20 years – high-energy, often soulful, funky, and deeply immersive.