Beauty in simplicity 

Andrew Chellman lays down some live finger drumming hip hop beats, showing the beauty in simple beat programming. Anthemic beats and deep basslines effectively represented in these kits he programmed for his MASCHINE MIKRO. The first one is an orchestral street anthem followed up by an atmospheric harp-sample based instrumental with wonky drum patterns.

Pink Floyd sampling on MASCHINE MIKRO

Sometimes sampling the classics isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Quarter Jack Beats lays down a hip hop beat on his MASCHINE MIKRO with a filtered Pink Floyd sample and live modulated acapella bits on top, creating a ready to play banger.

Making a trap beat using the Street Swarm expansion

In this nicely edited video Sarah2ill not only shows her great sense of humour, but also in-depth knowledge of music production, giving a detailed insight into her working process for this trap-type beat. Based on the Street Swarm expansion and controlled by MASCHINE she creates an orchestral street banger with triplet hi-hats giving it that distinct trap aesthetic.

A quick techno beat

Mario Ochoba makes the most of his time banging out a quick techno jam on MASCHINE. Within only a minute you get a step-by-step instruction on how to create a stripped down, but yet effective techno track.

Celestial electro hardware jam

Machines do have soul, if used properly. Watch Peter Chers laying down a 4 minute hardware jam with spherical and athmospheric electro sounds all held together by MASCHINE and MASCHINE JAM.

Live performance with MASCHINE and a sax

Smooth grooves and funky basslines from Dee Rhodes of The APX, rounded up with a jazzy live saxophone, and soulful finger drumming on the MASCHINE.