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7 free sci-fi REAKTOR ensembles for intergalactic sound design

Hailing all sound design space-heads and astral-techno producers. Add some alien flavor to your beats, and beam some intergalactic waves into your sounds with these hand-picked instruments and effects.

Because these ensembles are created by the incredible community over at the REAKTOR User Library, they’re all 100% free-to-download and ready-to-use in REAKTOR.

Maximum drone

With variable filter modes, counters, and controlled pitched and wave modulators, SpaceDrone MOD+++ is a sound generator that creates epic waves of noise, perfect for emulating the likes of Loscil or Ben Frost.

Expect warped modulations of reverberated discords and cacophonies that will push your sound through black holes and to the outer edges of time. The futuristic drone sounds on tap here are nothing short of epic.

Download SpaceDrone MOD+++ for free here.

Alien landscape generator

With just four knobs and a randomize button, this ensemble is as simple as it gets – yet deceptively powerful. You’ll be creating extraterrestrial ambient soundscapes in no time.

Long-term User Library contributor Rick Scott (see the orgaNism series, Son of ThingFluxus, and more) has created an instrument that near defies description. Remember the score during the star-gate scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey? Well, aL sounds just like that, but more contemporary, freeform, and fun.

Download aL for free here.

Create spatial pads

Create ethereal and spatial soundscapes with this hybrid synthesizer. With an impulse generator, and six individual resonators, Nebula can create otherworldly dub-like pad sounds, and abstract ambient textures that are rich enough for all your sound-design needs. Experimental, yet rewarding, it’s great for both the exotic, and the down-to-earth.

Download Nebula – Clouds Synthesizer for free here.

Alien jazz generator

Forged together by an alien collective using only BLOCKS, presets, futuristic oscillators and special minerals — the type that can be only be found in one section of the galaxy — comes this space-oddity courtesy of long-time User Library contributor CAL SCOTT. This experimental, chaotic synth and random noise-generator modulates atonal sounds. Perhaps it’s the closest thing we have to alien jazz? Download to find out.

Download Diadem of Alien Wizardry II for free here

A drum computer for bass cadets

Niji Solution 2 is the HAL 9000 of drum computers. This all-in-one drumbox comes replete with sound generators and is loaded with an additional mix and effects section. Along with built-in sequencers and modulation tracks, there’s also the option to use it to control external instruments. Download to create bass-heavy beats for retro-fitted, forward-thinking electro, techno, and anything else that requires some carefully crafted kicks.

Download Niji Solution 2 for free here.

Flange, delay, reverb

With three oscillators, an MS-20-like filter, various modulation sources and loads of effects, this ensemble is relatively easy to use, yielding dream-like, smooth, beautiful sounds. With its LFO and filer envelope modulations, Illusions of Sound is perfect for spatial sound design and creating crisp, warped-effects.

Download Illusions of Sound 2.6 for free here.

Generate cosmic sound and noise

This BLOCKS-based noise and sound generator produces cosmic soundscapes and swathes of noise. Both extraterrestrial and experimental, it comes with multiple filters that will help you create randomized patterns of noise to endlessly beam into the cosmos.

Download Super Genius for free here.

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