Win a pinqponq x TRAKTOR Club Edition backpack

Enter to win a limited edition pinqponq DJ backpack, custom designed for the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2.

June 18, 2019 in

How to use our curated playlists in TRAKTOR DJ 2

A step-by-step guide to adding playlists from your favorite artists to TRAKTOR DJ 2.

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Watch: French DJ L.Atipik’s scratch performance on TRAKTOR S4

Watch a melodic scratch performance from L.Atipik during Native Sessions in Paris.

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The best S4 hacks of all time

Shortcuts, hacks, and going in different. Check out the community's best TRAKTOR hacks so far.

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How to get your record signed

Find the right label for your music now.

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How to mix vinyl into TRAKTOR sets

Learn how to incorporate vinyl into your TRAKTOR hardware setup.

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TLo – Turntablism, TRAKTOR, and touring

Canadian turntablist TLo discusses battling, live collaboration and working with Shad.

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Globally Underground: DJ Rachael’s journey

Catch up with Uganda's biggest electronic music export, DJ Rachael.

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A beginner’s guide to scratching on the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4

TRAKTOR's Haptic Drive jog wheels feel similar to vinyl and give the control needed to perform cuts and combos. Learn how to scratch using KONTROL S4.

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How to incorporate MASCHINE into your DJ sets

Add more drums and pads to your DJ sets with the essential beginner's guide to adding MASCHINE to your DJ setup.

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A view from the booth: How the New York club scene is changing

New York DJ and producers Eli Escobar and Travis Higgins on the evolution of the New York underground.

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