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EvilDragon’s Top 10 REAKTOR User Library picks

Check out leading KSP developer Mario Krušelj’s — a.k.a. EvilDragon — favorite ensembles from the REAKTOR User Library, all available to download for free.

To take a deeper look into the arsenal of amazing instrument and effects ensembles in the REAKTOR User Library, we asked Native’s favorite forum moderator, and skilled KONTAKT scripter Mario Krušelj, known to most as EvilDragon.


EvilDragon is one of the world’s leading KSP developers, having worked on more than 150 KONTAKT libraries over the past eight years. As a leading expert in all things Native, having helped numerous users out on our technology forums, he’s easily one of the most knowledgeable and adept producers out there. That’s why we asked him to compile a top ten of his go-to instruments from the REAKTOR User Library.  From the classic and useful, to the abstract and weird, Mario knows his ensembles. Get inspired by his picks and get creative, all of which are free to download with the REAKTOR Player.


Chet Singer’s Serenade is a simply magnificent modelled violin. If you can play it properly (say with a Leap Motion controller, which I don’t have), it can provide a great deal of realism. I’ve heard awesome examples of this ensemble in use – it’s really great!

Check out Serenade here.

Cathedral flutes

I love the sound of a church organ, and this ensemble gets me there straight away. What’s not to like?

Check out Cathedral Flutes here.


Antonio Blanca’s NOD-E is just a brilliant idea for a probability sequencer! I can’t really say what in particular I love about this ensemble, I just know when I put it on something, magical stuff happens. Everybody needs to check this one out!

Check out NOD-E here.

Ghost engine

Are you doing a soundtrack for a thriller or a horror movie? You need this ensemble in your life. That’s all.

Check out Ghost Engine here.

Solina String ensemble

Solina String Ensemble by Hugo Portillo – he nailed it, as far as I’m concerned. The phaser unit in this ensemble is golden. Instant Jarre!

Check out Solina String ensemble here.

Eminent V 310 Strings Ensemble MKII

Eminent V 310 by Hugo Portillo – and he nailed it again.

Check out Eminent V 310 here.

Cloudlab 200t

You gotta have some West Coast in your toolbox. For me, this is it!

Check out Cloudlab 200t here.


INSIDIOUS 6581 by Mike Clarke is probably the best SID emulation out there, even if it’s not circuit modelled. Shame about the very tiny UI controls, but the sound is on point. I’ve heard the developer wants to bring this to Reaktor Player, which I wholeheartedly agree with. He’ll get my cash for sure.

Check out INSIDIOUS 6581 here.


Now this one is just pure madness! I tweaked it myself to make it polyphonic and have an envelope because constant noise can get overwhelming even if you automate all the available controls, now it’s a playable noise-drone-machine. Pretty gnarly stuff!

Check out Noisebrain here.


Trial’n’Error’s JP-80 gets pretty close to the Jupiter-8 vibe. Lovely sounds and some nice modern additions. Excellent work!

Check out JP-80 here.

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