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DJing Basics

Learn the key fundamentals of DJing, from understanding how to familiarize yourself with the music, to knowing your equipment. These videos will teach you everything about beat and phrase matching, timing your transitions, and preparing your music. Through learning how to manually beatmatch, you can better develop your ears to understand what happens during a mix, which will allow you to be more creative as you advance. Plus, beatmatching by ear lets you DJ on whatever gear is available.


DJ TLM explains what you need to know to be a good DJ.


DJ TLM teaches all about DJ equipment.

DJ TLM explains the importance of beat matching.


DJ TLM shows why timing is important.


Ean Golden explains how phrase mixing can make your transitions smoother.

DJing with TRAKTOR

Working with TRAKTOR can be the perfect introduction to DJing. Since its launch, TRAKTOR has been the choice of many DJ professionals, including Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Tale Of Us, and more. These featured TRAKTOR videos will tackle the essentials to DJing from scratch, from setting up your gear, through to mixing your first track, adding effects, and more.


David Clarke explains all the basics of Traktor.


David Clarke teaches mixing with Traktor software.


David Clarke goes over Traktor’s built-in effects.


With STEMS and Remix Decks, TRAKTOR gives you the tools needed to break away from standard track-to-track DJing. It provides the perfect setup in order to be creative in ways not possible before. From understanding how the TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 works, through to incorporating STEMS files into your performance, the following videos will provide the backdrop for you to take your DJing to the next level.


Cera Alba shows the best features of the Kontrol S8.


Cera Alba talks about effects and how to perform with the pads.


Cera Alba teaches you how to use Remix Decks.


Digital DJ Tips teaches the in and outs of Stems.

TRAKTOR with timecode vinyl

Love the hands-on feel of vinyl, but still want the benefits of digital DJing? By using TRAKTOR SCRATCH you can control the software right from your fingertips with timecode vinyl, allowing access to your music files, EQ, create loops, and more. From understanding the technology involved, to basic setup principles, get to know TRAKTOR SCRATCH and develop your digital DJing skills.


DJ Endo shows how to set up the Audio and Timecode.


DJ Endo talks about the Loading and Transport settings.


DJ Endo shows how to customise your screen layout.


DJ Endo shows Effects, Recording and File Management.