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Best Maschine tutorials for beat making
and performing in 2024

best Maschine tutorials

Native Instruments Maschine is a powerful music-making tool that features a broad array of capabilities, and many ways that it can be integrated into a production or performance setup.

These possibilities can be intimidating, so here is a collection of the best Maschine tutorials for beginners from around that web that will help you with everything from basic setup to specific production and performance scenarios. And the best part – you get access to all of these Maschine tutorials for free.

We link to both written and video tutorials in this guide, so no matter your preferred style of learning there will be something here to help you get the most from Maschine.

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What is Maschine best for?

Maschine is a versatile beat making tool with both an extensive included sound library, and an enormous amount of extra sounds available via Native Instruments expansions. It’s also capable of sampling on-the-fly, allowing you to record internal or external audio signals without having to stop the sequencer.

This makes it great for spontaneous music making, and its fun-to-play pad-based hardware interface means its the ideal tool for those after a more tactile approach to beatmaking and live performance

Can a Maschine be used standalone?

There is a model of Maschine that can be used standalone: the Maschine+. This version has its own built-in processor, RAM and storage, meaning that it can be used without a computer at all. All other Maschine devices including the Maschine MK3 and Maschine Mikro require a computer to be used.

For more info on the Maschine range, check out the Maschine product page.

The Top 15 Maschine tutorials you need to see in 2024

1. How to use everything in Maschine MK3

This official video guide from Native Instruments, hosted by specialist Boris Mezga, is a comprehensive tour of everything you need to know about how to use Maschine MK3.

Over three hours long, this three part guide covers everything from downloading Native Access and registering your device to using Macros, Snapshots, resampling and external MIDI gear. If you’re only planning on watching one series of Maschine tutorials, this is the one!

If you can’t get enough of Boris’ Maschine knowledge then be sure to check out his other videos on making a house track in Maschine and 10 things you didn’t know about Maschine.

2. Maschine masterclasses

Composer and YouTuber Jef Gibbons takes a deep dive into Maschine’s Chord Mode and note editing capabilities in this pair of polished videos.

In ‘Maschine: Chords Mode Masterclass! Essential Chords tips’ Jef shows you step-by-step how to get Chord Mode up and running with detailed instruction that will have you creating beautiful chord progressions in mere moments.

He also covers inversions, bass line tips, humanization and other useful techniques.

In ‘Ultimate Maschine+/MK3 Note Editing Masterclass!’ Jef discusses how to sharpen up your note editing chops using MAschine’s hardware interface, including how to optimise your playhead and nudge settings, adjusting parameters, and getting the most out of Step Mode.

Jef also has his own getting started with Maschine video too, ‘Getting Started with Maschine MK3.’

If you’re interested in performing with Maschine, check out ‘Learn to live-loop like a pro with MASCHINE+ and Jef Gibbons’, which covers Maschine live workflow, and explores into how Jef got into YouTubing.

3. Hardware setup & making your first beat

YouTuber D.A.V.E. offers a shorter introduction to setting up Maschine in this quick video that covers a lot in a mere seven minutes.

This video assumes little knowledge, making it a great choice for those who are unfamiliar with music technology jargon, beginning with showing you how to connect your audio, power and USB cables. D.A.V.E. then covers setting up your preferences, and goes on to demonstrate how to make your first beat.

4. The Weeknd producer DannyBoyStyles builds a soulful RnB banger

GRAMMY-winning producer DannyBoyStyles has worked with The Weeknd and Beyonce amongst others, and in this video he shows how he makes beats with Maschine+.

Covering sampling and chopping up audio, drum beats creation, lead line composition and mixing, this video is an invaluable insight into contemporary R&B production.

5. Creating melodic content with the chords & notes modes

This video from ADSR Music Production Tutorials demonstrates how to make melodies for a chilled techno track.

Topics mentioned include selecting scales, triggering chords from single pads, and using Note Repeat mode to create strums.

6. Lex Luger builds a trap masterpiece with Maschine

Rick Ross and Kanye West producer Lex Luger composes a moody, bass-heavy trap banger in this Native Instruments video.

You’ll see how Lex creates chords, builds drum parts with the Maschine user library, and of course makes a huge pitched 808 bass line. Essential viewing for trap producers.

7. FJAAK gives tips on producing techno

The Berlin duo give tips on producing techno tracks with Maschine in this short but sweet video.

This video includes tips on sound organization, sound design, and advice on sculpting a killer kick drum.

8. Creating evolving sounds and effects

In this video from Point Blank Music School, Paul Ressel looks at how to create fascinating, evolving sounds from everyday samples.

Topics covered include layering up sounds on different pitches, event editing and using grain delay.

9. Accessorize! The power-user’s guide to a portable Maschine+ rig

In ‘Accessorize! The power-user’s guide to a portable Maschine+ rig’, Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn covers some supremely helpful practical advice for kitting out your Maschine+ device.

Covering tips on which SSD or HDD to pick, selecting a power bank for mobile usage, and how to connect MIDI and audio devices, this article is a no-brainer for those looking to get the most out of their groovebox.

10. Composer Walter Mair makes extraordinary sounds with Modular and Maschine

Having worked on multiple legendary video series including Grand Theft Audio, Call of Duty and even Crash Bandicoot, Walter Mair is a tech loving composer who can’t get enough tweaking.

In ‘Composer Walter Mair makes extraordinary sounds with modular and MASCHINE’, Walter talks about his love of both software and hardware synths, plus how he integrates Maschine into his gear-packed workflow.

11. Maschine beginner tutorial: how to arrange songs in Maschine MK3

Creating compelling arrangements can be a struggle for many producers, but in this video YouTuber AG Got Beats comes to our aid with some tips on how to make satisfying complete tracks.

This video examines AG’s preferred workflow where he uses Maschine like a linear DAW, building up a full sound, and experimenting with different arrangement approaches.

12. Making tech house live in Maschine+ with Dana Ruh

DJ, producer and label owner Dana Ruh is Maschine super-fan, and in this Native Instruments video she makes a tech house track live.

This video covers recording drum patterns, using Monark to make a bass line, and improvising patterns with variation.

13. Get started with Maschine+: standalone music making workflow

Another beginner video, this time dedicated to working with Maschine+ standalone.

YouTuber Noisegate takes you step-by-step through making a tech house track in this video that has a running time of just under 40 minutes. Topics covered include sound selection, drum programming and arrangement tricks.

14. 9th Wonder on sampling for Kendrick Lamar

This video from NPR looks at how 9th Wonder created three separate beats for Kendrick Lamar’s “Duckworth” using Maschine.

While this video isn’t strictly a Maschine tutorial, it’s worth watching to get an insight into 9th Wonder’s creative process.

15. Bitwig Studio and NI Maschine

In this official Bitwig video, rapper and product trainer Thavius Beck creates a beat with the DAW and Maschine.

The video covers bass line and beat composition, plus how to navigate Bitwig using Maschine hardware.

Start making music with Maschine

Here we’ve looked at a ton of great resources for getting the most from Maschine, but there’s always more to learn! If you’d like to find even more great articles, simply search for ‘Maschine’ on the Native Instruments blog.

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