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Native Sessions Berlin: Infinite Loops

Watch tutorial videos and panel discussions from the latest Native Sessions in Berlin.

With leading figures from the techno community, the latest Native Sessions event hosted at Berlin’s Tresor club explored the world of Infinite Loops, providing an insight into the modern-day techno scene.


Infinite Loops, the theme for the latest embodiment of Native Sessions, focussed on the role of rhythmic expression, and asked how the techno masters  managed to instill the sense of timelessness into their work. Providing an all encompassing insight into techno, the event looked at how one loop of just a few elements can retain interest over a set period of time.

Featuring Alan Oldham, Daniel Miller, Eomac, Eric Cloutier, Lady Starlight, Rebekah, and hosted by Boiler Room’s Michail Stangl, the event featured technical presentations on how to build rhythms, patterns, and beats, along with a discussion on techno’s overall legacy.

Eomac on drum synthesis

One half of R&S duo Lakker, and music producer Eomac provided an insight into his approach to drum synthesis using FM8. Deconstructing his track used in Komplete Sketches, Eomac broke down the processes and styles employed in creating his unique sound.

Neven on creating polyrhythms

Lead Product Specialist Neven showed that adding polyrhythms to your music doesn’t need to be complex. Creating two distinctly different sequencers with MASCHINE JAM for REAKTOR and NOD-E, unique polyrhythms were sketched out while improvising different pattern and arrangement ideas.

[Download the free Ensembles for MASCHINE Sequencer here, and NOD-E here.]

Artist roundtable

Discussing techno’s legacy and cultural impact, Michail Stangl lead an open discussion with MUTE Records founder Daniel Miller, Alan Oldham, DJ Rebekah, and Resident Advisor’s Angus Finlayson. Touching upon Oldham’s prior work in Detroit, through to Miller’s establishing of Novamute, the panel ran through a wide range of techno elements, bringing together the past and the present.

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