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Video game sound design 101: Layering fantasy fireballs with Marshall McGee

Watch a pro sound designer dissect the tools and tricks of his trade in
this half-hour masterclass.

Ever wondered how the incredible sound effects of AAA video games are created? Marshall McGee has all the answers. Aside from building up a dedicated YouTube following for his sound-design breakdowns and tutorials, he’s also lent his talents to big-name video games like the Just Cause series. Here, Marshall walks us through the process of creating a convincing magical fireball in all its crackling, billowing, incendiary glory – from preparing the project to collecting raw sounds, layering, processing, mixing, and mastering. More than just presenting tech tips, however, he offers us a rare insight into how a sound designer actually thinks, with potential applications far beyond the world of video-game sound effects.

And don’t forget to take notes – there will be a test. Right now, metapop is giving you the chance to apply your newfound knowledge and reimagine the sound of the clip used in Marshall’s video (kindly provided by VFX artist _artwerkz). Marshall will be listening through your submissions and picking a winner to receive the KOMPLETE 13 production suite, along with several runners up who’ll each score a copy of KONTAKT 6. Just make sure to get your entry in by January 5.

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