Starting the day in the Native Sessions showroom, some of the best and biggest tastemakers in the underground DJ scene talked about their experiences on the road, and behind the booth. Anastasia Kristensen, Tijana T, DJ Bone, and Rex club resident Molly sat down with B.Traits  to share their insights and experiences in the hunt for music. With so much music being released, and with ever-expanding channels of retail, distribution and promo, the big question centred around each artist approached digging in the modern day.

Detroit selector DJ Bone makes it his job to listen to promos and new music. Scheduling one day a week just to listen to everything, DJ Bone rigorously makes sure he goes through all the tracks sent to him, which is probably how he’s gained such an established reputation for deep, eclective sets. Serbian techno DJ Tijana T takes a more pragmatic approach to selection, allowing fate and experience to guide her towards the latest music. Ensuring that she spends enough time in the record stores to see what’s new, Tijana said that about half of the music she plays is music she’s bought, versus the other half sent to her via promo.


Meanwhile, French DJ Molly makes sure she checks out local scenes, always asking promoters about reputable record stores wherever she’s playing, while Anastasia Kristensen spoke about how much digging she did on Soundcloud, always looking for newer artists, and even unfinished tunes, looking to break the latest tracks before anyone else. The key things everyone could agree on, was the necessity to support local scenes. Buy local, and support artists in your area. Dig hard, go deep on Bandcamp, and use Soundcloud.


With so much music out there, what do the leading talents recommend for newer producers who want to get their music heard? The personal approach is the way to go. Anastasia Kristensen recalls the moment that Bjarki was discovered by Nina Kraviz. While DJing in Copenhagen, Bjarki went straight up to her and handed her a USB. The rest is techno history. If you want to get your music in the right hands, you have to “be relentless”, DJ Bone stated.