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Top 10 music production podcasts

Attention producers and music geeks. Here are the ten must-listen-to podcasts focussing on music production and music-tech.

With countless podcasts out there dedicated to production and sound design, we put together our favorite picks to help you get started. From the obscure, to some of the best-known recordings out there, we’ve got the ultimate list of music production podcasts for you.

Appetite For Production

Two music producers and industry insiders, as well as Native Instruments blog contributors —Tim Cant and James Russell — discuss the latest news regarding hardware, software, VST plugins, and KONTAKT libraries. It’s all music tech, with added British charm.

Find out more about Appetite for Production here.

Song Exploder

In the Song Exploder podcast series artists dissect their tracks and put them back together piece-by-piece. It tells the story of how the songs were made and where the inspiration came from during the creation process. Musicians that have been featured include Bonobo, Fleetwood Mac, Janelle Monae, Solange, Gorillaz, Little Dragon, The Roots, Kimbra and many, many more. Ever wondered how your favorite song was made? You’ll probably find out here.

Find out more about Song Exploder here.

Why We Bleep

Why We Bleep is a monthly podcast run by YouTuber and overall synth and production expert Mylar Melodies. Inspired by the ever ongoing quest for becoming a better producer and how to get a better understanding of music in general, he invites musicians, producers, and gear manufacturers for a face-to-face talk about…well, music.

Find out more about Why We Bleep here.


If you’re into games and game-audio this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Derek Brown and Barney Oram, the monthly podcast is all about games and gaming-audio, as simple as that.

Find out more on Soundbytes here.


The Tonebenders podcast series covers all aspects of audio, sound manipulation and production. The three hosts and audio professionals, Rene Coronado, Teresa Morrow, and Timothy Muirhead also share their thoughts, ideas, along with gear reviews and much more.

Find out more about Tonebenders here.

Hello, Audio!

The Berlin-based podcast series is all about music technology, audio processing, and music marketing. With thematic episodes and regular guests, the Hello, Audio! team go deep into some of the most important, trending topics of our time.

Find out more about Hello, Audio! here.


The AudioSkills podcast is primarily focussed on the educational side of music production. Offering tutorials and advice on recording, mixing, mastering, and music production, it is a great hub for beginners, intermediates, and pros that want to learn a new trick or two.

Find out more about AudioSkills here.

Hanging out with audiophiles

Hosted by Jamie Lidell, the podcast is dedicated to all things around music making and studio work. For each episode Jamie lives his fanboy dreams, by inviting in some of his favorite musicians and producers. “Welcome to a place for musicians, producers and listeners alike as we “cheers” our love of everything audio.” A true goldmine for industry insides and first-hand pro tips.

Find out more about hanging out with audiophiles here.

Sound + Process

Sound + Process is a Chicago-based podcast series where artists deconstruct their tracks and explain each individual step they applied during the production process. All of the artists featured in this series are part of the online community.

Find out more about Sound + Process here.

Twenty Thousand Hertz

Hosted by sound designer and mixing engineer Dallas Taylor, Twenty Thousand Hertz discusses the “stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds”. It’s an in-depth look into the world of sound design, showing that the field is a science of its own.

Find out more about Twenty Thousand Hertz here.

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