The REAKTOR Factory Library includes more than 70 ensembles and spans over ten years of electronic music legacy, offering ready-to-use effects, synths, drum machines, and sound generators.

The following selection of five ensembles features fresh sounds from times long-gone up until the preset day, and in this case the phrase ‘old but gold’ seems more than appropriate. All the sound clips provided here were produced using only the ensembles itself, with no extra effects, multiple overdubs, or other studio-tricks.

Space Drone

The Space Drone ensemble is somewhat of a sonic dream for film score composers and ambient heads alike. Tense, rainy, aquatic, windy, with even bird chirping sounds easily generated with this innocent looking monster of a sound generator. The example-given demonstrates only a few possibilities of the Space Drone, creating a jungle-like sound that morphs into an aqueous, shaking mountain top. A perfect tool for creating your own cinematic sounds.



Limelite is a sample based beatbox that gives instant inspiration for grooves and harmonies. The built-in sequencer is split into seven tracks, four drum sections and two harmonic fields, plus one extra track for modulation sequences. Each sound/sample can be modulated separately before being summed up through additional on-board effects like filter, delay, EQ etc.

For this 90s inspired lo-fi house snippet only factory stored samples were used and tweaked with the built-in effects. Limelite itself has a very punchy and powerful sound that can also get very nasty/distorted when the the ‘dirt’ knob is cranked up.



Aerobic is a sequencer controlled, six-unit drum synthesizer with its own oscillator and noise generator, per each unit. Each unit is a sound generator by itself that can be triggered individually within the sequencer.

It’s capable of some very punchy and quirky synthy drum sounds and is also very useful for generating basslines and synthetic melodies. Listen to this uptempo, almost Drexciya-like electro sound example to get the idea.



This sequencer controlled synth is perfectly suited for percussive, stabby or rhythmic harmonies and melodies. From dreamy and deep, classic Detroit house sounds, to dark dubby techno chord arrangements, this can do it all.

With the on-board phaser, delay, chorus/tremolo, and EQ/drive effects, it’s possible to program (almost) everything within Akkord itself before falling back on external effects. The chords drop-down menu allows you to choose chord types in case the creative juices need a little extra push.



Autechre-like IDM rhythms and percussion patterns are only a few possible outcomes of the Vierring groovebox ensemble. Based on four bands that work as sound generators, each band can have its own time signature and bar length, giving possibilities to create weird electronic polyrhythms. Multiple modulation and tweaking adjustments can be created as well. If you’re in an experimental mood, this should be your go-to tool.