by Noah Pred

Watch: How to get deeper dubbing

Learn how to master REPLIKA XT, refine your delay skills,
and add enhanced dubbing to your tracks.

From expansive echoes to mesmerizing modulation effects, REPLIKA XT does it all. In the following video, producer and sound designer Noah Pred walks you through this powerful delay plug-in, showing you how to create diffusive dub atmospheres that can be applied to all types of productions.

From intricately programmed rhythmic grooves to expansive dub effects, you can enhance your music making and learn how to master REPLIKA XT’s five modes, seven effect modules, and powerful hidden features. Watch the video, and create better dub effects from KOMPLETE’s ‘do-it-all delay. You can also visit to download the patterns used in this video.


Download free REPLIKA XT demo

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