Can you explain how the performance began conceptually, and what you exactly did?

OddKidOut: For my part, I wanted to touch on a couple different genres. I chose a hip hop, experimental, and Spanish and jazz to show off how versatile the equipment can be. I also wanted to incorporate the new performance effects so I mapped each one to individual banks. Then it was just a matter of me creating the samples, both melodic and percussive, and playing them out as songs.



How have the new MASCHINE features change your work flow?

OddKidOut: The new MASCHINE is first and foremost way more sexy. The way it looks and feels is ten times better. The pads are better material and actually make playing easier. The new LED screens allow me to ignore my computer for a bit which is always nice. Overall, it’s just an upgrade in every sense of the product.

How do the new KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE help with live performances, and studio sessions?

Mark de Clive-Lowe: Whenever instruments help keep me in the zone and not make me deal with the computer directly, or other overly technical aspects, it’s really appreciated. Both units have achieved that for me. They’re helping keep the fun in the whole creative process.