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Rebekah deconstructs the hybrid setup

DJ Rebekah breaks down her unique DJ setup in the latest Native Instruments video.

International techno DJ and producer Rebekah has become a powerhouse on the live circuit thanks to her heavy-hitting style, and a unique setup that perfectly syncs the analog with the digital.

Utilizing a four-channel TRAKTOR system, she incorporates the Roland TR8, Volca Bass, and various effects pedals to create a sound built on classic percussion, and energetic dynamism. In this video, Rebekah breaks down the various elements of her live setup, explaining how each part plays an integral role in her signature sound.

“My approach has evolved over time,” Rebekah explains from her Berlin studio. “The first controllers I started working with were the original X1s. I then bought in the F1 to work with Remix Decks, but I wasn’t playing so many loops, so what I’ve done is mapped it to all the effects on Traktor, which makes the performance more fun. I did some research and discovered a mapping system by a guy called Tekken. I downloaded it, gave a little donation to his PayPal, and now I just use that and the other two controllers to load up, play tracks, and move around on the cue points.

“The hybrid setup with the TR8 and the Volca Bass makes things a little bit more interesting for me. I feel like I’m always juggling lots of balls, and throwing in a few more to see what happens. I like percussion a lot and it’s nice to be able to add in the rides, cymbals, claps and open hats as well as the different effects to give it more intensity and keep the energy going.

“The Volca Bass has three oscillators and this kind of classic 90s techno sound. That’s what I grew up on. Everything nowadays seems to be very clean and sterile, but this has a raw edge. I also have three guitar pedals, one is for gentle distortion, one’s a reverb, and then I have a delay – the Boss DD7. It’s not always perfect, but when you’re using machines, they tend to have their own personalities – they can be a little bit wild, keeping me on my toes. It’s techno and it should be noisy.

“My setup now moves me away from the computer – The less time I’m on it, the better. Mapping the controllers really keeps me away from the mouse and keyboard, and also saves me a lot of time. The possibilities are endless, which is just how I want it.”


video credits: Roddy Ziebell
photo credits: Yvonne Hartmann

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