Find us at the ADE Sound Lab at De Brakke Grond from Thursday through Saturday, where a cast of musicians and specialists from around the world will join us for a series of discussions that we’ve curated with you in mind. Get your hands dirty at our gear playground, where you’ll have the latest Native Instruments products at your disposal along with the specialists who can show you the reigns. Outfitted with KOMPLETE 12 and the portable powerhouse MASCHINE MIKRO, our gear playground will also be the exclusive spot to try out the new TRAKTOR S4 and S2 controllers. Special guests will be dropping in for collaborations, so stop by to take a spin in the booth and stick around to play B2B with some of the best.

Along with a Metapop Live Competition, the Native Sessions arena will also be home to production workshops focusing on MASCHINE, KOMPLETE KONTROL with Flying Lotus-collaborator Byron The Aquarius, and Hector, leader of the Vatos Locos crew, in addition to MASSIVE session with German producer Barnt. Young up-and-comers will take the stage, too, with Bristol’s Batu pairing off with Simo Cell for a conversation on how they keep pushing the envelope with their respective production processes, and how using REAKTOR kickstarts their creative pursuits. BT will be helming a workshop, breaking down his latest sounds pack (plus ADE pass holders will be able to attend a discussion featuring’s very own Chris Galvin on The Future of Music Instruments). Rounding out the line-up are Rebekah and Paula Temple, who will speak on the B2B DJ sets that they have been collaborating on since mid-last year.

The Modern Digger DJ panel will be one not to miss, with Anastasia Kristensen, DJ Bone, Molly, and Tijana T dissecting the ever-changing relationship between DJs and their music. Moderated by B. Traits, the panel will explore the way music is being discovered, navigating through the changing roles of PRs, labels, record shops, and platforms like Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Following the success of FACT’s famed video series, we’re inviting Metrist, Torus, Lyzza, and Elias Mazian to our stage for a live edition of Against The Clock. Each artist will have ten-minutes to craft a live production—join for the thrill and stick around for a Q&A with each artist moderated by FACT’s very own Luis Muñoz.

Rounding out the festival are two heavy-hitters with years of breaking new ground. Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre will join us on stage for an in-depth one-on-one conversation about the past, present, and future of the industry as we find out the method behind his mastery of music. Imogen Heap will also stop by for an exclusive performance using her Mi.Mu gloves followed by a discussion on Mycelia, a blockchain hub designed by the artist for other artists.

Excited? We’ve got one last treat to seal the deal. Native Instruments are giving away a freshly-released TRAKTOR S4 ahead of Native Sessions at ADE, check out our competition here for your chance to win.

Check out the program below, and sign up for the Facebook here.

Thursday October 18
De Brakke Grond, Tuinzaal

12:00 MetaPop Live Beat Making Competition Judged by Raiden (South Korea)
13:00 MASCHINE MIKRO workshop with Boris Mezga
14:00 BT Production Demo
15:00 Exclusive TRAKTOR S4 demo with Grizzly
15:30 Fabio Florido “How I Play”
17:00 Rebekah & Paula Temple In Conversation

Friday October 19
De Brakke Grond, Tuinzaal

13:30 The Modern Digger Panel with Tijana T, Anastasia Kristensen, DJ Bone, Molly, & B. Traits
15:00 Production demo and conversation with Simo Cell & Batu
16:00 Production demo with Hector
17:00 Production demo with Barnt
18:00 A conversation on sample packs with Robot Koch, Catnapp, Gladys Pizarro

Sound Lab Main Stage

14:00 In Conversation: Jean-Michel Jarre

Saturday October 20
De Brakke Grond, Tuinzaal

12:00 Production demo with Byron the Aquarius
15:00 FACT x NI Against The Clock Live with Metrist
16:00 FACT x NI Against The Clock Live with Torus
17:00 FACT x NI Against The Clock Live with Lyzza
18:00 FACT x NI Against The Clock Live with Elias Mazian

Sound Lab Main Stage

13:00 Imogen Heap: Music and tech adventurist (Sound Lab Main Stage)


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