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Guitar Rig effects unlocked: discover delay, tape wobble, and distortion

Guitar Rig component effects plugins

Guitar Rig 7 Pro is packed with amps and effects that transform your sound. Now, you can access three of the most popular and powerful effects plugins separately – Tape Wobble, Psyche Delay, and Kolor. Each of these effects can add character and shape the tone of your productions.

Take a look at each one of these effects below, and get them now during Summer of Sound.

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Psyche Delay

Psyche Delay is a stereo delay effect that produces a range of atmospheric ambient echoes and reverse effects reminiscent of the “backwards tape” sound of the 1960s.

Whether you’re adding depth, space, and character to solos and chord progressions or you’re adding an atmospheric layer to lead and backing vocals, Psyche Delay brings a nostalgic, psychedelic sound to your audio.

Psyche Delay effect
Psyche Delay effect

Tape Wobble

Tape Wobble emulates the sound of analog tape machines, characterized by wow and flutter, saturation, noise, and a limited high-frequency response. You can use it to apply classic lo-fi effects, particularly when playing sustained notes, pads and melodies.

Dedicated controls for Wow, Flutter, as well as the Speed and Age of the tape enable you to adjust the effect in great detail. The Scrape control expands the sound palette by degrading the sound and adding a crunchy quality.

Tape Wobble effect
Tape Wobble effect


Kolor features a selection of 10 distortion algorithms that enable you to enhance and distort your sound. In addition to the different algorithms, you can use its flexible equalizer to tailor the sound to your needs. When working with bass-heavy signals, you can use the Bass Saver control to adjust how strongly the distortion is applied to bass frequencies.

Most of the distortion algorithms in Kolor have been modeled using NI’s ICM (Intelligent Circuit Modeling), with the addition of algorithms from iZotope Trash. ICM employs machine learning to reproduce the behavior of hardware devices, giving a new level of depth and realism to analog emulations. Learn more about ICM in our blog, “Behind the scenes of Guitar Rig’s Intelligent Circuit Modeling.”

Kolor effect
Kolor effect

Combine these effects for a cohesive sound

Take a listen to Kolor and Tape Wobble together with a few additional effects from Guitar Rig 7 and hear how they come together to create a smooth lo-fi vibe:

Get started with easy-to-use, dynamic effects

Now that you’ve heard what these components can do, it’s time to use them in your audio. You can get all three for the first time during Summer of Sound. And if you’re looking for more tips on audio effects, check out our guides on how to use them effectively in your productions.

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